At, we seek to establish a superior trading environment and customer service. Our general return and refund policy apply to all users on
General Terms:

AlliedOfficeProducts reserves the right to modify these terms when needed, and the latest version will be published on AlliedOfficeProducts.comwith immediate effect. Your continued use of the services offered by AlliedOfficeProducts signifies your acceptance of these changes. Any orders that are made are assumed to accept the rules if they are using the services provided by LegendarySolar.

For after-sales issues, customers should file a return & refund request within 30 days of the delivery date. If the period for filing a Return & Refund request exceeds 30 days, we reserve the right not to provide any after-sales service after that time.

Before an order is shipped out, the customer can cancel the order by reaching us at 1-213-737-9983 or by emailing us at Please note some order cancellations may not be accepted depending on the status of the order.

If we are unable to fulfill your order due to conditions such as lack of stock, you will be refunded your order.

In the case of receiving damaged or broken goods, customers can apply for a refund with compelling evidence. The goods need to be returned, and we have the responsibility to offer the customer a prepaid return label within 3 business days to return damaged/broken goods. We should refund the customer when the return shows as in transit on the logistic website.

For returns of non-defective products due to buyer’s remorse, we have the right to accept or reject the return request.

If we accept the return request for non-defective products, a restocking & repacking fee may be deducted, but it will not exceed 35% of the order total price.

AlliedOfficeProducts will process refunds not more than 3 business days, or redelivery not more than 5 business days.

Once the customer submits an after-sales request, the customer needs to provide evidence to us. If the customer cannot provide compelling evidence, we reserve the right to reject the return and refund request.
Under Various Circumstances:

  1. Refund Request Timing

The customer has the right to apply for a full refund for an order that was not shipped out within the stated processing time.

  1. Goods Returned in Transit

If the package is returned to us during transit for any reason, and the customer applies for a refund, we should refund within 3 business days of the refund request. Under the same conditions, if the customer requests redelivery, we should begin redelivery within 5 business days of the request date.

  1. Goods Destroyed in Transit

If the package/goods are destroyed in transit, and customer has proof, we should refund the order within 3 business days of the customer’s refund request, or redelivery within 5 business days of the request.

  1. Wrong Receipt Information

If the customer provides incorrect receipt information on an order, the customer should reach us at 1-213-737-9983 or by emailing us at to request the correction of the order information.

  1. Defective Products

If the goods received by the customer are defective, the customer can apply for a refund or replacement. We should issue a prepaid return label for the customer to return the product within 3 business days after the customer’s request.

  1. Other Circumstances

If a dispute arises under any other circumstances, we are responsible for actively resolving the dispute and providing the customer with a satisfactory solution.

Please contact us via phone at 1-213-737-9983 or email if you have any questions or need more clarification on any aspect of our Return & Refund policy.